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  • Save 16 Days a Year by Not Taking Lunch Save 16 Days a Year by Not Taking Lunch

    13 July 2012

    Ever since October 2008, with the economic downturn, the stress levels in the office amongst workers has increased. This is had an effect on how they behave in the office with many workers choosing to eat at their desk instead of in the break out areas. Not only this, but research suggests that 60% of workers are not even taking a full hour for their lunch as they say that t...... Read more
  • A Chair that Will Change the Way we Sit... for the Better! A Chair that Will Change the Way we Sit... for the Better!

    13 June 2012

    I know that this is perhaps not the first time that you have heard this, but study shows that we are sitting down more and more as our lifestyles have evolved and that this is having a direct impact on the our levels of fatigue, back pain and soreness. What I mean by this is that we as people are suffering because of the amount of time that we spend seated. When we think abo...... Read more
  • In Pursuit of Office Chair Perfection In Pursuit of Office Chair Perfection

    02 June 2012

    What can you compare an office chair too? The fact is that we use office chairs regularly in our daily lives especially if you work in an office. Office chairs can be compared to shoes that we wear. Firstly we spend much of our time in them, they differentiate between status and taste and they affect the way our body feels.The difference between office chairs and shoes is th...... Read more
  • Ergonomic Workstations - Cruise Ergonomic Workstations - Cruise

    15 May 2012

    As the way in which we work changes, so does the office furniture that we use. It is common knowledge that we are working on computers more and more and our bodies are suffering as a result of this. Office tasks used to be a case of inputting data whilst looking down at paperwork and typing on a keyboard, however now the type of office work that we do is shifting towards int...... Read more
  • An Ecological Alternative An Ecological Alternative

    24 February 2012

    The state of our planet is in much debate at the moment as with the ozone layer thinning, the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the air is causing the Greenhouse effect that is heating up our planet. It is therefore becoming a necessity that we look for greener options in everything that we do. The office furniture industry is no different as it is a large industry. There are quit...... Read more