Acoustics for sale

All of the products that feature in this section have been acoustically treated to reduce noise in the office. Whilst we have a large selection of screens, partitions and dividers that absorb sound, we also have a comprehensive range of other office furniture that again can reduce the overall noise level in the office. This is called BuzziSpace.

Noise pollution

Noise within the office has become a topic of debate in recent years with many experts agreeing that high levels of noise can have a negative impact upon the workspace. Noise can drastically alter our stress levels and in turn have a negative effect upon our productivity and morale.

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This is a major concern for open plan offices and call centres – both which have increased in numbers since the mid-20th century. Many workers now use headphones, but this in itself can be difficult as listening to music loudly can also be distracting and impact upon concentration levels.

Noise within the office space can be a health hazard negatively impacting upon both employees mental and physical health. This can lead to problems in the long term for both employees and business as office morale will be effected and so will the overall performance of those within the work environment.

The solution

The best way to ensure the safety of your employees and prevent high levels of noise impacting badly upon your business is to invest in high quality acoustics. We provide a wide range of acoustic equipment such as ottomans, meeting hubs and even lamp shades covered in sound absorbing materials.

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We aim to provide a large number of different designs, styles, colours and finishes to suit a variety of décors. Acoustic screens can be used in open plan offices to create a mixture of open and closed off booths – this ensures the social aspect of the open plan remains whilst the employees are protected from noise and retain some privacy.

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