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Wooden Screens for sale

Wooden office screens are often overlooked when planning to fit out an office. Screens provide a way of not only separating desks, but can also be used to separate parts of the room if needed.

Office screens are a lot more versatile than many people realise. With the increase in open plan style offices the office screen can actually be a beneficial item to have in a number of ways.

Noise can be a distraction and negatively impact upon productivity. However, closed off cubicles can be anti-social and depressing, and this on its own can affect the mood of the office. This is where office screens are most commonly used – to divide up space but maintain an open style feel. This is also good for office environments that require moving around frequently. If you hold events, functions or meetings frequently it can be beneficial to invest in some wooden screens that can are lightweight and easy to transport.

Another great way office screens can be used is for meetings and presentations. We provide a wide range of wooden office screens in a variety of designs and styles, and each one can be used to suit a different purpose. For example, the Wood Framed Mobile Screen/Noticeboard is great for meetings and presentations as it has fabric on one side with a whiteboard facility on the other. This office board then is useful both as a room divider but also as a screen for presentations.

This section contains a collection of wooden screens for the office that are available in a choice of wood finishes, including White, Beech Oak, Maple and Walnut. Our range of wooden screens are available in a range of sizes to suit all desks and offices.

Buy wooden screens for your office from Office Reality and benefit from a free delivery to any UK mainland address.

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