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24/7 chairs: who needs them?

What are 24-hour chairs?

Twenty-four-hour chairs are heavy-duty chairs which are designed with ergonomics and back care at their heart - they're most often used in scenarios where someone is likely to be sitting down in an office chair for long stretches at a time, used by people to prevent poor back health or relieve those who suffer from back pain. 

It is widely accepted that 24/7 chairs are used as control room chairs for those working with a panel of screens or in a security centre for long periods at a time but they shouldn’t be limited to control room type uses.

So who needs a 24-hour office chair?

Perhaps we could all benefit from the ergonomic features that these chairs boast but in the main there are three groups of people for who extra-large operator chairs or 24-hour chairs would be most useful; those who work long hours, those who suffer from poor back health and those of us that are slightly larger than pipe cleaner!

With modern technology and social media forcing us to spend much of our working day in a seated position, it's more important than ever for both employee and employer to put the emphasis on good back care. For employees, it's an investment in long-term health, because the implications of poor back care can be debilitating and long lasting. By ensuring you have a comfortable, ergonomic chair now, you could be looking after your employability and wellness well into the future.

Employers, too, have a legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments for the safety and comfort of employees, and in many instances, sturdier and more ergonomic chairs play a huge part. Helping employees to practise good back-care is another way to protect against losses incurred through sickness and ill health in the future. 

Buying 24-hour chairs

Purchasing 24-hour chairs or ergonomic office chairs as they are sometimes known helps businesses to meet statutory obligations and is an excellent investment in employees’ health and well-being.

Here at Office Reality, we simply offer choice and value whether you're looking for ergonomic chairs, 24/7 chairs or extra-large operators chairs. Here are a few examples of 24 hour chairs and ergonomic chairs

Posted by: Josh Seddon

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