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3 healthy recipes to transform your office lunch

General, General information February 8th 2018
3 healthy recipes to transform your office lunch

More and more people have started bringing a packed lunch to work and enjoy the amount of money and calories this saves them. However, a lot of professionals are still holding back, scared off by images of drab salads and sandwiches. Here, we’ll list just a handful of healthy, tasty recipes that will transform your lunchtime.

Baked falafel - If you’re trying to make healthier choices for lunch, try this take on a Middle Eastern favourite, without the fat and calories that you’d get from your average street food vendor. Baked falafels cut out the fat and calories of their fried equivalent and contain protein-rich chickpeas, which are a perfect way to fill up on essential fibre.

Baked falafel tastes divine in a pita with hummus, lettuce and other veggies. Many people like to keep the ingredients cold in a Tupperware box, then toast the pita when they get to work. With this office lunch, you’ll not only be getting your vitamins in but can also fill up on energy for the afternoon ahead.

White bean pasta with feta and black olives and artichokes - Now we move slightly west, into the Mediterranean. This delicious and healthy pasta will keep you feeling full and energised through the usual afternoon slump. It's irresistible, easy to prepare and suitable for vegetarians.

The feta and white beans give you a great dose of protein, while the olives and artichokes give it a distinct, salty flavour. Adding diced vegetables gives you extra vitamins, along with a crunchy texture. If it wasn’t nutritious enough for you already, top it off by using whole wheat pasta. A creamy sauce helps it taste great cold, but you can always nuke it in the office microwave.

Roast chicken caprese sandwich - Caprese sandwiches have really taken off in recent years. Already tasty and healthy, basil bursts with vitamins, tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, and mozzarella gives you a healthy dose of calcium. You can top this recipe off with some protein in the form of rotisserie chicken, and swap out the traditional olive oil for truffle mustard for a more distinctive flavour.

You might want to consider a white balsamic glaze on your sandwich, as some people find the cold roast chicken slightly dry. Some packed lunch options might be slightly easier to prepare, but this sandwich is healthy and delicious. Try it once and you’ll agree it’s worth getting up half an hour earlier for! Alternatively, you could toast the bread in the office toaster before adding your fillings for a warm, delicious treat.

If you have got this far, you may wonder why a company that concentrates on office furniture, design and fit-out are taking the opportunity to blog about recipe and office lunches. Well it's simple... we love food!

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