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5 fun office decor ideas

Design November 30th 2019
5 fun office decor ideas
The office is obviously a space where important work is carried out on a daily basis. But this doesn't mean that the office space has to be boring. In fact, a fun and interesting office interior can help to stimulate creativity and productivity. Below we explore five fun office decor ideas.
Use words and phrases - It's not only colour and texture that can help to stimulate the mind. Words and phrases can add interest to any office. Create a montage of your company's most inspirational quotes or turn key phrases into art work. You could also create a whiteboard wall, where workers can add there own quotes and notes.
Clever use of furniture - The type of furniture you choose, plus how you use it to lay out your work space, can help to fuel interaction and creativity. If all workers see is rows of desks, then they will simply think that the office is all about work and no play. So, be sure to incorporate colourful coffee tables, beanbags and modular seating. Use different types of office desks, including standing desks to keep staff moving.
Embrace the sunshine - A bright and sunny office interior can help boost serotonin levels (the happy hormone). When workers are happy they are more likely to concentrate and get their job done. Use as much natural light as you can by ensuring that windows are uncovered. Then boost this natural light by adding LED lamps and spotlights to create more illumination over desks and in any conference space.
Create themed rooms - No one likes to work in a soulless room, especially when several rooms in the office all look the same. Why not give each room a theme? This could be created around a colour, so a yellow, green or purple room. You could even create themes around place names, technology or the products that you make or sell. Use images, colours and textures to create an interesting space.
Bring the outside in - There has been much research that shows that when we work outside we feel happier and actually get more work done. So, why not create an outdoor working space indoors? Make a feature wall out of moss or place colourful plant pots on tables. You could also install wooden benches in breakout areas with vibrant cushions.
For more office decor inspiration, and help in planning your office space, please contact our design team.

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