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6 office products to promote wellbeing

Office design February 4th 2022
6 office products to promote wellbeing

As we start to spend more time in the office again, it is so important that we feel happy and at ease in our workspace. After all the happier we are the more productive we are going to be. Mental health is hugely important and as people are becoming more aware of their own mental health needs, office space should be shaped to promote their wellbeing.

Below we introduce our top 6 office products that should be considered to promote a wellbeing vibe:

1. Office pods

Office Pods have become extremely popular over the past twelve months as our workplaces tend to take on a different shape. Also described as Zoom rooms, acoustic office pods and booths and even yoga pods, these pods have been embraced for multipurpose use.

6 office products to promote wellbeing image 1

2. Plants/living walls

Plants are a really easy way to inject life into the office. Research shows that having plants in the workplace reduces stress and improves attitudes, thus increasing productivity. We have also seen an increase in demand for living walls and moss walls as people start to realise that they do have a need to connect with nature whilst at work. Plus, plants and living walls add a sympathetic ascetic to otherwise generic workspaces. That’s what we call a win-win in office terms.

6 office products to promote wellbeing image 2

3. Breakout seating/soft seating

It’s important to have some break out space in the office – somewhere people can relax and take a bit of time out away from their office desk, without having to leave the building. Our Versayde Breakout Seating offering is perfect for creating informal workspaces and workplace landscaping.

6 office products to promote wellbeing image 3

4. Height-adjustable desks

Sitting down for long periods of time can cause a variety of different problems such as back pain or even obesity (from lack of movement). Height-adjustable, or sit stand as they are also known, desks are the perfect solution: they promote movement, improve blood circulation and increase concentration. A lot of businesses often buy a couple of height-adjustable desks to see how people like them first, and if they’ll actually use them as sit stand desks, before kitting out the whole office.

6 office products to promote wellbeing image 4

5. Anti-fatigue mats

In addition to height-adjustable desks, there are also anti-fatigue mats to go with them. Even though research has shown that changing position between standing up and sitting down promotes movement and productivity, standing up on hard surfaces for long times can be uncomfortable and cause fatigue. These mats are great because they make the muscles gently contract and expand, thus increasing blood flow and reducing strain.

6 office products to promote wellbeing image 5

6. Office games

Go on treat yourself to a table football or ping pong table: it’s a great way to include new people by giving your office personality, it boosts staff morale, and it gets team members socialising together. Office games are the most fun way to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

6 office products to promote wellbeing image 6

That’s not all, we’ve got a great collection of furniture and accessories within our wellbeing department

And finally, we believe that a happy workplace is a productive workplace, and who can say no to that?

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