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7 Best Office Pods

October 1st 2021
7 Best Office Pods

Why Office Pods?

Noise in the office can be distracting and is one of the key causes of stress in the workplace. Some background noise can be less distracting, and employees tend to become attuned to it; for example the general hum of air conditioning units or whir of printers.

Although we become accustomed to background noises, we have a strong tendency to focus our attention towards conversations, even when we are not part of conversations and meetings. When working in an open plan office, excess chat and discussion becomes a problem for those who are trying to concentrate on work independently or as part of a team. The distracting verbal noise creates dissatisfaction of employees within the office and can lead to irritation, stress, low motivation, and a reduced performance.

Office Pods are designed to limit excessive noise because people can either take refuge and work independently in a single or solo pod; or larger team pods can be used for meetings successfully without disturbing the others working in the open plan office.

Introducing office pods to an open plan office environment creates a micro-environment within the wider ecosystem of work settings. This is more cost effective than having to partition your existing office with stud walls to create cellular offices and meeting rooms.

The Benefits of Office or Acoustic Pods are:

• Office Pods are stylish, colourful and they help alleviate noise in the workplace.

• Office Pods can be used for many purposes including meetings and private working.

• Completely flexible, acoustic pods can be reconfigured and moved easily.

• Office Pods present a cost effective alternative to building rooms.

• Also known as acoustic office pods, these demountable structurers can include Integrated lighting, data and power which can enhance meetings and solo work.

• Office Pods are not constrained under the building regulations act and may boast a tax advantage if installed instead of fixed stud wall partitions.

• Office Pods are great for neurodivergent employees and visitors. Many people with neurological differences need quiet places to focus. Conditions like dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHA and autism often causes extreme anxiety in large open spaces.

Now that we have covered the benefits of introducing Office Pods into the workplace we will introduce seven of our most popular Office Pod arrangements and their features. With a vast choice of Office Pods available it’s often difficult to decide which one will be the right choice and if it will be utilised as intended.

1. The Aegis Solo Pod

The Aegis solo pod is one of our most popular pods for individual working, learning and video conferencing. During the pandemic we have all become accustomed and more comfortable with video phone calls through platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. We have recently found an upward trend in companies wanting to create quiet protective spaces and zones for their returning staff. The Aegis Solo Pod ticks all the boxes. It’s made up of thick acoustic lined 55mm panels which have been tested to 30db noise reduction and is extremely easy to install with virtually no tools required.

7 Best Office Pods image 1

The Aegis Solo Pod is available in two sizes with the larger size at 1400mm wide and deep offering more screen protection each side of the user. We recently delivered and installed 6 of these Pods to the library at the Wye Valley NHS Trust at Hereford County Hospital. See the case study here.

2. Hive 6 Person Pod

These pods have been very popular with schools, colleges and universities because they offer a large private study and discussion spaces and they look pretty cool too! The Hive 6 person pod is futuristic looking and hexagonal in shape that depicts a honeycomb, a shape that we tend to think of as familiar and safe. Castors can be added to the base meaning you can move the pod in to different positions to keep your working environment interesting.

7 Best Office Pods image 2

3. Kastaway Four Person High Back Pod / Booth

Although this item is more of a booth than a pod it still offers good level of acoustic protection as it features high sides. The Kastaway units incorporate a homely domestic feel featuring a soft ribbed style seat and back cushion, promoting a relaxed tranquil vibe. These units have been designed exclusively by the well-established David Fox Design studio. A canopy can be added to hang over the top on the unit which adds a unique look and helps and improves the overall acoustics.

7 Best Office Pods image 3

4. Zen Team Office Pod

The Zen Team office pod is an ideal solution for people looking for a semi-private zone. It’s been a popular choice for companies who have identified they need a quiet space for meetings and collaborations within an open plan environment. The Zen Team pod features 50mm panels for better build structure and improved acoustics. Optional extras are also available such as power and data modules for laptops and phones. We have had some excellent feeback from companies who regularly utilise the Zen Team pod for regular meet ups and collaborations.

7 Best Office Pods image 4

5. Calmo Two Person Pod

The Calmo Two Person pod is designed for people and small groups to concentrate and focus. This pod is extremely well built and made from toughened laminate glass with grade one locksets. It’s a no fuss pod as it only comes with a white surround and black door frames but who cares when the experience inside is unrivalled. The pod is packed with features including Data points and USB charging, LED lights with motion sensors and ventilation fans to keep air moving and users refreshed. We recently installed two Calmo two person pods at Enzyme Communications in London and the customer was absolutely delighted with them. Here are some pictures from the installation.

7 Best Office Pods image 5

6. Mod Edge Greet Pod

The Mod Edge Greet Pods are a new edition to our existing Erubus Pod range. These pods are for the next generation who appreciate a softer more domestic style working arrangement within the workplace. It is for this reason that the Mod Edge Greet pod comes with a dedicated new colourful RAL palette to bring softer, calming colours into the office. The holistic design includes an integrated facilities arch housing the PIR (Passive infrared sensor) operated LED strip lighting and air circulation systems, ideal for achieving agile working goals. The Mod Edge Greet Pod is the perfect addition for collaborative spaces. It also boasts some serious acoustic properties as it has 22mm double glazed panels, 8mm glazed doors, and 55mm sound absorbing ceiling tiles.

7 Best Office Pods image 6

7. Harbour Work Pod

The Harbour Work Pod is an ideal solution for people returning to the office and looking for safe space to work from away from the hustle and bustle of the open plan environment. The Harbour Work Pod is a fully equipped pod with ambient lighting, an air circulation fan and glazed panels which keep things light and unwanted sounds out. Additionally power modules can be added as optional extras ensuring a steady flow of power to laptops or phone whilst working peacefully.

7 Best Office Pods image 7

By introducing office pods to the workplace you are providing staff and workers the opportunity to choose where they want to work. This gives them more autonomy and a sense of place at work which is important for their wellbeing and stress levels.

Other reasons for introducing office pods and improving acoustic environments are:

• Supports higher performance.

• Improves speech clarity in meetings.

• Makes communication clearer.

• Create a more comfortable environment.

• Reduce employee stress

• Increase employee satisfaction

We hope this run down of our seven best selling Office Pods is useful and has helped you to make a more informed decision about which pod or pods would be the most suitable for your working environment.

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