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8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits

Before we begin, we want to explain about modular tables, because most conference tables are modular. This means that the tables (modules) can be separated and joined together to create a number of layouts depending on how many people will be using them usually in multipurpose spaces. Modular tables are usually lightweight and durable and some have been designed with storage in mind and so can be folded or stacked.

Modular conference tables are a good choice for companies, schools and universities because flexible meeting and learning environments can be set up easily, even at short notice.

Although the majority of modular tables are rectangular, some are irregular shaped, such as the Kite table and Flake table which when joined together create some very interesting and attractive layouts.

How can modular tables be arranged?

You may already be familiar with a few common layouts for modular tables but some of the most common modular table layouts are below:

1. Boardroom Style

This is a typical boardroom layout; all four tables are pushed together to create a rectangular shape to offer each user enough table surface and sufficient leg room. A semicircular or trapezoidal table can be added to each end to create a larger ‘oval’ or ‘running track’ layout.

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 1

2. U Shaped or Horseshoe style

This layout is made up of a number of tables in a U shape with the conference chairs being placed on the outer sides. This layout is used for presentations, video conferences and training sessions whereby the tutor can walk within the space of the u-shape, keeping each person engaged.

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 2

3. Classroom Style

A familiar layout whereby we sit in rows facing the teacher or lecturer, in other cases the tables are separated leaving 2 people per table sat side by side. Larger tables at 1800mm (6ft approx.) can seat 3 people.The classroom layout is popular for learning and discussions.

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 3

4. Banquet Style

As the name suggests banquet style used for dining but can also be used effectively at conferences and meetings. Delegates can easily be split in to smaller groups usually 4 – 8 for group discussions and team building exercises.

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 4Having discussed the benefits of modular tables and the common layouts that can be created we can now take you through 8 types conference tables available from Office Reality and the main features and benefits of each one.

1. The Raste Table

Our Raste meeting tables feature clean lines and a simple ‘no fuss’ leg design. Simplistic yet robust the round tubular screw in legs which are available in chrome, silver, black and white support the 25mm tops. The legs are 60mm in diameter and feature inbuilt levelling that allows the table surface to remain flat and level on uneven floors. The tops are available in either Beech, Oak, Walnut or White so it’s likely the Raste modular table will compliment existing office furniture.

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 5

The Raste modular table range comes in various shapes too, rectangular, half moon and trapezoidal which can all be connected together to create a number of shapes and layouts depending on you meeting requirements and number of people.

We also have created a few discounted bundle deals with the Raste Tables keeping costs low on the most popular meeting tables layouts and configurations.

Benefits of Raste Table

  • Modular system with three different end tables available
  • Levelling feet ensure level table surface on uneven floors
  • Inexpensive and quick delivery

2. The Elica Table

If you’re looking for a table or modular table or desk system with ‘wow factor’ you should consider the Elica range. The Elica range offers a variety of configuration options which lend balance, rhythm, lightness and flexibility to the office meeting space. The stylish legs are tapered and only one screw per leg is required upon installation.

The Elica conference tables and desks have a unique aesthetic and can be customised in a number of ways. The tops are available in 25mm MFC and boast a number of organic, contemporary wood finishes. For a minimal floating, sleek look select 13mm high pressure compact laminate material. Compact laminate is scratch and impact resistant making it a good durable choice as scratched and chipped meeting table tops do not portray the most professional image.

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 6

The legs are sleek and tapered and are available in silver, black or white with the optional extra of the polished aluminum leg.

The Elica modular furniture systems responds well to the requirements of today’s contemporary working practices.

Benefits of the Elica Table

  • Stylish contemporary design
  • Wide choice of finishes on both tops and legs
  • Lightweight and easy assembly

3. Draycott Value Flip Top Tables

Easily Draycott is by far one of our most popular table ranges and it’s easy to see why. Draycott Value table is economical and comes in a variety of shapes and finishes. The Draycott Value flip top table is very easy to operate (flip!) and has four doubled wheel castors for easy mobility and storage. A number of configurations and layouts are possible using the Draycott range and the additional half moon or trapezodial shaped tables can be used at either end of the standard rectangular tables for a boardroom or conference style layouts.

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 7

The Draycott range also extends out to desks, pedestals, wooden filing cabinets and wooden cupboards ensuring a consistent match throughout any office.

Benefits of the Draycott Value Flip Top Table

  • Inexpensive and next day delivery
  • Robust strong metal frame in powder coated silver
  • 25mm scratch resistant tops
  • Easy to operate and move

4. Bodo Table

The Bodo range brings an element of Scandinavian warmth to the working environment. The exposed tapered Oak legs and plywood edged top options give a natural organic look which promotes a sense of calm and wellbeing. The possibility to add cable ports which are also in oak effect make this table user-friendly, a perfect example of function and form.

Although not a modular table system the Bodo tables come in a number of shapes and sizes (5 different widths: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm) which can be adapted to any boardroom or conference room.

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 8

Another attractive aspect of the Bodo conference table is the option to specify a number of bright RAL colours on the legs which is appealing to those wanting to interject a splash of colour to their working day.

Benefits of the Bodo Table

  • Attractive Scandinavian design offering a sense of calm and wellbeing
  • Wide choice of sizes and coloured RAL leg wood finishes
  • Optional cable ports for integrated IT services
  • Manufactured in the UK – 15 – 20 Day Lead time

5. Elev8 Standing Tables

Have you ever had a meeting standing up? No? Well maybe it’s time to adjust to this new style of meeting adopted by many agile companies including Microsoft and Geekbot. There are many advantages to stand up meetings including saving time, improved collaboration and improved retention of information. Stand up meetings are also an effective way to combat ‘meeting fatigue’ – the feeling ‘that is felt’ within a team when they are being asked to attend too many meetings that go on for too long!

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 9

The Elev8 height adjustable table facilitates stand up meetings and offers each participant adequate space to discuss their work and agendas. It can easily be switched from seated to standing at a push of a button with a double motor powering the telescoping frames up and down.

It’s time to make a stand!

Benefits of the Elev8 Table

  • Offers two options seated or standing
  • Standing meetings are healthier, often quicker and more productive
  • Next Day delivery available

6. Cool 100. Standing meeting tables

Sticking with standing solutions for a moment, the Cool 100 tables have proved popular as they are modular and can be easily pushed together for larger stand up meetings and you can add a stool if want to stand and pearch. The legs are 60mm diameter steel and come in a choice of white or silver with 25mm MFC tops with a protective ABS edge as standard. The tops come in a number of different contemporary finishes in either White, Maple or Chestnut.

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 10

Our Cool 100 meeting table range continues to be popular within the A&D community because of its ‘ stunning good looks’ and large format A3 plans can be viewed and discussed.

Benefits of the Cool 100 Table

  • Contemporary simple style encouraging healthy meetings and collaborations
  • Robust 60mm Diameter steel legs in white and silver
  • 5 year factory

7. High Gloss Opal Boardroom Table

When your meeting needs to be inspired by a conference atmosphere that exudes confidence, quality and creativity then the High Gloss Opal table may fit the bill.

Available in stunning white or piano black super sheen finish, the tops are 25mm thick. To add creative flair and collaboration to the meeting participants can write on the table’s surface with a soluble marker!

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 11

The table can be complimented with the Opal High Gloss credenza cupboard for additional storage requirements.

The high gloss table top is mounted on silver curved legs on a silver sub frame which contrasts well with the white or black top. The legs also have built in floor levellers.

  • Standing meetings are healthier, often quicker and more productiv

Benefits of the High Gloss Opal Boardroom Table

  • Unique and stylish super sheen gloss finish
  • Write on surface for collaborative meetings
  • Matching credenza available to compliment the table

8. The Talent table range

If you like some of the options above for a conference table, such as height adjustments, writable surface, mobility and easy storage then the Talent range of tables will tick all those boxes. The talent range was created to meet the needs in spaces that aim to motivate, innovate and transfer knowledge in a much more active, fun and creative way.

The talent tables are modular yet also make excellent individual work stations. They are also unique as they are one of the very few modular meeting tables that feature a flip top mechanism and a non-electrical gas operated piston enabling the user to sit or stand.

8 Types of Conference Tables and Their Benefits image 12

The table tops feature rounded corners and rubber edges making it safe for each user and limiting damage to the table top and other furniture items. Storing the Talent tables when they are not in use has also been carefully considered by the designers (Alegre Design). The legs of the table frame splay inwards making nesting of the frames possible, saving valuable floor space when not required.

Benefits of the Talent Table.

  • Height adjustable by easy to use gas piston lever
  • Space saving when being stored
  • Table top can be used as whiteboard
  • Easy to maneuver and reconfigure

We understand that choosing a conference table for your meeting room can be a daunting task…What if it doesn’t fit…what if it’s the wrong colour…What if we just don’t like it? There still may be many questions surrounding the size and how many people it will seat. This is where our ‘in house’ 3D visualisation service kicks in. We can design and quote, ahead of the procurement process, which in turn offers peace of mind and eliminates the possible concerns and questions raised above.

Luckily, as we have seen from the list above, there are plenty of conference table options to choose from that will meet the requirements of most meeting, training or learning environments.

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