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A Chair that Will Change the Way we Sit… for the Better!

June 13th 2012

I know that this is perhaps not the first time that you have heard this, but study shows that we are sitting down more and more as our lifestyles have evolved and that this is having a direct impact on the our levels of fatigue, back pain and soreness. What I mean by this is that we as people are suffering because of the amount of time that we spend seated. When we think about how much we sit, we seem to only think about the time that is spent working. Usually we neglect to think about the time in the morning and evening when we spend time relaxing.

Having said this there is a definite trend over the decades that as we have increased our time spent working in the office, so have the numbers of people suffering from back pain and soreness in other areas of the body. Ergonomics is a word that has been used in the office furniture industry for some time now, however there has not really been a solution to the ever increasing problem of work related injuries. It does seem that the only solutions we have are regular water/toilet breaks or introducing a treadmill to the office. This is more of a distraction than anything, however a newly design chair might bring us one step closer to ergonomic bliss.

The Core-Flex Split Seat chair is a new design that has a seat that has been split in half and allows the legs to move naturally and allows the core of your body to remain engaged and do its job of holding you up. The body, even when standing still has a natural rhythm called postural sway that shifts the body from side to side on average once every 30 seconds. This office chair enables the user to keep the body's natural sway enabling you to work with ease.

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