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A New Way of Thinking about Ergonomic Chairs – Axia Air

November 3rd 2011

The word ergonomic gets mentioned all the time within the office furniture industry, especially when it comes to chairs. With the ever increasing number of people choosing to work in the office, the number of work related injuries is increasing. By this I mean injuries that are sustained due to posture and sitting on a chair for 8 or more hours a day.

This is why ergonomic chairs are becoming ever more popular and one thing in which they all have in common is a lumbar support. A lumbar support is designed to be positioned at the lower part of the back to give the body an S shape curve. There is a new chair on the market that is attempting to challenge the lumbar and that is the Axia Air chair. The Axia Air, manufactured by BMA Nomique, uses an adjustable pelvic support which supports the pelvic region of your back at the base of the spine. The reason for this is that when the support is placed against the pelvis, your body naturally keeps a good posture.

The design of the back means that your body is almost always in constant contact with the back of the chair whether you are sitting forward or back. As well as this when the chair is in the recline position, the arms stay exactly where they are compared to when the back is straight, which is unlike other rival chairs. The reason for this is that the armrests are supposed to be extensions of the desk and keep your arms in the correct position.

Aesthetics are not compromised with this chair and the overall appearance of this chair is fantastic. This chair is fully adjustable as standard, however there is one feature that is unusual when it comes to office or swivel chairs, and that is that it has been designed for disassembly. The seats are interchangeable, which is great for maintenance, however if you have a particular back problem then you can change the seat within a matter of seconds for a seat pad that has a shape specific to your need. On final thing to note about this chair is that it is guaranteed for 10 years and is 97% recyclable and manufactured from 59% recycled material, so not only is this chair unique in function, it is also environmentally friendly as well.

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