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5 best ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomics, General information November 24th 2021
5 best ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs

If you spend a long time sitting at your desk or office desk tables, you'll know only too well the importance of an ergonomic seat. That said, some people buy office chairs without much thought given to health or productivity.

Choosing the right seat is essential to ensure that you are not only comfortable at your desk but also as healthy and productive as you can be.

With many of us still working from home, this has never been more important, so let's help you find the perfect office desk chair by taking a look at 5 of the top ergonomic office chairs currently on sale in the UK.

1. Hag Sofi 7300office chairs

The Hag Sofi 7300 is a smart ergonomic office chair, which comes with numerous features to keep you comfortable and healthy. The back of the chair moves in three dimensions so it can support your spine. It also has armrests that move up and down to suit different body shapes. With a breathable mesh fabric on the seat, back and headrest, this chair will keep you cool at all times.

5 best ergonomic office chairs image 1

2. Senator Freeflex Chair

The Senator Freeflex Chair offers the latest in comfort and design. The ergonomic seat has been specially designed to reduce pressure on your back, knees and hips. It also features a flexible backrest that moves with you as you move through your day.

5 best ergonomic office chairs image 2

3. Humanscale Diffrient Ergonomic Smart Chair

The Humanscale Diffrient Ergonomic Smart Chair, named after famed industrial designer Niels Diffrient, is perfect for individuals who work long hours at their desk. The seat cushion is designed to promote better circulation and reduced pressure on your legs while lumbar support provides relief for the lower back.

5 best ergonomic office chairs image 3

4. Chiro Ultimate Chair with Headrest

The Chiro Ultimate Chair has been developed in collaboration with Dr Robin Sinkin, an eminent doctor of chiropractic medicine. It features many ergonomic adjustments that are perfect for both work and home use.

5 best ergonomic office chairs image 4

5. Contour Ergo Operator Chair

The Contour Ergo Operator chair is a stylish chair featuring a padded backrest and a groove which helps with spinal alignment. It also has adjustable lumbar support to support your lower back. At just over £300, this is one of the more affordable options in this list and offers excellent value for money.

5 best ergonomic office chairs image 5

Although we have touched on our top 5 ergonomic office chairs above, the whole topic of ergonomics and healthy workspaces can be interpreted by people in different ways. It can be a bit subjective to say the least!

Here at Office Reality we provide a wellbeing consultancy. As part of this consultancy, we can take a closer look at ergonomics by carrying out workplace assessments using a simplified workstation assessment process. The process by passes the need for site visits which has been limited over the past 18 months or so. An email assessment is followed up with a phone call which results in an email report highlighting areas of risk and the possible solutions.

For more information give us a call and thanks for reading.

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