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Action office

November 28th 2008

Office Cubicles Action office These are semi open plan offices that are formed with the use of panels or office screens to create the feel of cellular offices in the open plan area. They have the benefit over office partitioning in being more flexible therefore allowing the space to become bigger or smaller. If you have a fairly dynamic office space and need to change the use of the work, meeting or rest areas then this sort of arrangement is preferable to the traditional partitioned office route. Office cubicles were pioneered by the US office furniture Company Herman Miller 40 years ago with their first range of system office furniture called Action office. Action office revolutionised office interiors in the US and was the main reason for Herman Milers growth, in fact Action office is credited in producing a whole industry in system office furniture that wasn’t there before, an industry that employs over 24,0000 people. The creators of Action office was a team that was lead by Robert Propst who died in 2000 and ended up criticizing the office cubicles that he helped to create claiming they had become dehumanising and a method of cramming office workers into tight spaces. Action office is 40 years old today

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