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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

As well as several benefits, there are also disadvantages that come with this concept. Check out what we have found regarding all these.
The increase in Wifi and Cloud software systems has allowed “working from home” more accessible. Being away from the office setting, in a comfortable setting has its advantages as well as disadvantages, though. We were keen to look into this, finding the following results…
Advantages: Less Childcare costs - Working from home means that you won’t have to pay as much on childcare. The costs on play-school and after school clubs will be reduced as you will be able to look after your children personally.
Wider Pool of Applicants - Employees having the chance to work from home means that you are offering a chance for others to apply for positions. For example, somebody with disabilities, won’t have to worry about getting to the office. The chance to work for you is increased to a larger number of potential employees.
Increased Productivity & Motivation - There can be less interruptions at home, especially if the office space where you work is an open plan set up. The more peaceful atmosphere can mean that you manage to get more done without being distracted. Motivation can also be increased due to the cut in commuting and travelling time.
Financially Beneficial - There is less of a cost on office space. Less furniture such as desks and chairs is needed if the majority of staff can work at home. Less electricity is also used. It’s not only economical for the employer, the reduction in travelling time and costs is also beneficial for employees.
Environmentally Friendly - The reduction in travelling and staff commuting means there is less air pollution, protecting the planet more.
Disadvantages: Difficult to Monitor Performance - It is not easy for managers to monitor their staffs’ progress and performance without them being in the same office space. This is especially escalated if the job role requires a lot of “background duties” that can’t be monitored on a work’s system.
Decrease in Staff Integration - Working from home will mean that you get involved with the rest of the team less. There is less communication between employees which in turn, may decrease an element of team work amongst yourselves. It can also mean that you miss out on “everyday matters” at works, such as daily updates and possible promotions, as you become less involved.
More Difficult to Problem Solve - Simple problems, such as software issues, become more difficult to fix when you’re not in the office. It is more difficult and takes longer to try and help someone over the phone than it would be in person.
Increase in Telecommunication Costs - The amount that you are likely to use your own telephones increase when working from home. Not being around any of your colleagues will also mean that the phones are used more often.
There are more Distractions - There could be an increased amount of distractions faced at home. Factors such as noisy neighbours, family or friends will mean that your productivity and concentration levels may drop. You could be disrupted more than you may think!
You Never Leave Work - Staying at home will mean that you “never leave the office”. This could mean that it becomes more difficult for you to “switch off” from the work that you produced that day. All this may increase your stress and worry levels.
There are plenty of advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to “working from home”.  There are mental health and financial benefits that are difficult to ignore. However, there are also disadvantages to the concept that aren’t easily overlooked either. Balance seems to be keen here, depending on the person you are, yourself!
Is working from home more advantageous for you? Make sure you let us know in the comments below!  


Posted by: Michael Hurd

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