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Advantages of modern offices with modular furniture

Design, General information August 20th 2017
Advantages of modern offices with modular furniture

So, how can you combine the priorities of paying less, for more, and still end up with an attractive and supportive office environment?

Go modular!

What is modular office furniture? - This is an increasingly popular style of modern furniture for commercial buildings. Largely because it is versatile, contemporary looking and relatively inexpensive. It is furniture made of different, separate items that can be pushed together or separated easily – so think work surfaces and storage that can be easily detached. You have the choice of using them together or as individual items.

Take a look at our modular sofas and see how the different pieces can be moved together to make any shape and can bend around the available space. But they are also comfortable, well made and have a great contemporary look? Take a look at a few examples > Dixie , Corvus and Rival

Furniture solutions for flexible workspaces - It is the era of lean and agile working. Companies need to make the best use of every square foot of space, including in offices and foyers. Modular furniture offers a high degree of flexibility. For example, your waiting area chairs can be used in your meeting room if necessary, and staff area tables become desks. Workstations can be separated out to accommodate hot desking, then moved back together to clear floor space.

We understand that time is money and so being able to change your office layout at a minute's notice can be important.

Adaptable and changeable work areas - Unlike many of the other standard office pieces we sell, modular furniture that is light and easy to move. If you ever did need to take it to a new location, it is also straightforward to dismantle it and build it up again on site. Another great benefit is that it tends to come in strong, bold colours. This means that you can “shake up” your office layout from time to time if you wish. Mix and match the colours of modular furniture to periodically freshen up the look of your office for free!

Great furniture for smaller offices - Times of austerity have led to downsizing for many UK companies, and office space can be tight. One of the advantages of modular office systems is they tend to have a smaller footprint than made-to-order or traditional office furniture. It can be formed around existing floor space, moved aside easily when needed, and can be flexible to even the more compact work environment.

Get in touch today with a member of our in house design team to discuss how versatile and low-cost modular office furniture can maximise your workspace potential and appeal.

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