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Ahrend office furniture

October 7th 2008

Ahrend Group The Ahrend group of Companies began in 1896 whenn Jacobus Ahend opened a stationery shop in Amsterdam and expended the products lines to include wooden office furniture and later metal office furniture. A close collaboration with HJvd Kamp (APS) who manufactured sheet steel furniture in a small village Sint-Oedenrode near Eindhoven whose most notable client was the nearby Phillips Corporation. In 1960 they formed a joint Company. A few years later APZ a steel tubing manufacturer joined the group APZ were principally known for the production of office chairs using steel tubing and had won a large contract for the US Army. In 1967 these three Companies became wahat is now known as the Ahrend Group BV manufacturing system office furniture, office chairs and seating and metal storage cupboards and filing cabinets. In the year of its centenary in 1996 the Ahrend Group was given permission to use the term "Koninkliik" or Royal in its name. Ahrend have continued to expand across Europe with offices in Great Britain, Belgium and Luxembourg. In the US Ahrend is represented by All Steel Inc. Notable office furniture ranges include Mehes which was designed in 1971 which saw the first use of ulta thin (12mm) tops. The Ahrend 250 office chair which has a transluvent vellum back and the Ahend 1200 modular table system which won the Red dot design award in 2005 Please contact us for further information on Ahrend office furniture

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