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All Things Light and Beautiful

Design, General, Office design November 20th 2015

Recently there has been an increase in the design of lighting within the furniture and interior industry. Masterpieces designed by numerous talented designers such as Heike Buchfelder, Edward van Vliet, Jos Muller and many others! Ranging from designs that look like animals and clouds to designs that are being created by silk worms. Having read several articles on the different designs the last few weeks, I got the bright idea to write my next blog on my top 5 favourites. Let’s just call them Mike’s Favourites for now:

5. “Distant Lights” by Taumas Markinpoika

Amsterdam designer Taumas Markinpoika has created this beautiful, enchanting light which projects petal-shaped concentric patterns onto vertical surfaces when illuminated. Changing colours, it casts Spirograph-style patterns and creates a calming atmosphere in the room. Truly mesmerising!

All Things Light and Beautiful image 1

Markinpoika has explained that the desired effect, inspired by Japanese raked gardens, was the following:

“While the object has its own logic, the viewer can only experience their impermanent and immaterial perception of the light, an active construction of the eyes in negotiation with the object and the environment”

Being a fan of Spirograph when I was younger (all those many years ago), the “Distant Lights” would bring a wonderful sense of nostalgia, almost like having the drawings in 3D.

4. “Iris” by Sebastian Scherer

All Things Light and Beautiful image 2

Berlin designer Sebastian Scherer has designed and created the “Iris” with the use of crystal glass and aluminium. The fantastic clear design creates the impression of a soap bubble and the light shining through the crystal glass creates the rainbow effect. Critics have mentioned that the design is:

“The result of ambitious craftsmanship and technological innovation”

I am a big fan of this design! The pearl colours that shine through into the room offer an element of natural shine. I might have to put this design forward to the MD for our office. The design might inspire the team to do the dishes every so often!

3. “Speak Up!” by Susanne Nielson

All Things Light and Beautiful image 3

Danish Lighting brand Ebb and Flow has manufactured the “Speak Up!” range, which has been designed by Susanne Nielson. These designs are reminiscent of an old stage microphone, modelled by the light bulb and encased in a domed glass shade. The domes are manufactured in different colours widening the choice of light that you might want to create. The designs would be great to have on your desk, it will make you feel like a rock star! The inspiring design truly is:

“A light with attitude that will make you want to speak up!”

2. “Anglerfish” by Justin La Doux

All Things Light and Beautiful image 4

Designer Justin La Doux has created the “Anglerfish” with the use of recycled metal items such as cutlery, a shovel and scrap metal. The five foot long sculpture is based on the scary deep sea creature which attracts it’s victims through the use of light:

“A motion sensor mechanism triggers the other lights at the eyes and body.”

The design is a complete contrast to “colourful, bright and pretty”, yet there is something quite beautiful about this design. What can I say? I guess I am a sucker for shiny things! Must have been a magpie in a previous life. Will definitely think twice about turning the light on though.

1. ”King Edison Pendant Lamp” by Young & Battaglia

All Things Light and Beautiful image 5

We have a winner! The “King Edison Pendant Lamp “is designed by Young & Battaglia in Cambridgeshire. The lights feature a chandelier in a light bulb structure. A light within a light. It is almost like a Russian Matryoshka doll. Named after the inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison, the design is almost like the French Renaissance meets the 19th Century (my passion for History coming out).

“Small is beautiful meets a moment of genius, a perfect tiny chandelier suspended inside a glass lightbulb and hung on braided silken cable”

The design shows the evolution of light sources while preserving the heritage of Science and Art. The “King Edison Pendant Lamp” is definitely my favourite so far that I have come across. Definitely a design that reflects treasured moments. Classic, yet contemporary. Love it!

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