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An Ecological Alternative

February 24th 2012

The state of our planet is in much debate at the moment as with the ozone layer thinning, the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the air is causing the Greenhouse effect that is heating up our planet. It is therefore becoming a necessity that we look for greener options in everything that we do. The office furniture industry is no different as it is a large industry. There are quite a few eco-friendly products on the market at the moment from office chairs and office desks to low stools and office screens, below are some examples.

BuzziSpace products provide acoustically treated furniture that aims to significantly reduce the amount of noise pollution that is created in the office. The products include office freestanding screens, desktop screens, fabric for the walls and even stools and meeting booths. The reason that these products qualify as eco-friendly is that the fabric is made from 100% PET felt. These are plastic bottles and other plastics that have been shredded in order to form a fabric that has acoustic properties.

An Ecological Alternative image 1

The Aplos Ecobody chair has a unique design and automatically adjusts the tension to the weight of the user. The correct back tension works instantly and this swivel chair has ergonomic cushioning and that supports you in the best possible way and adds comfort to the user. The reason that this chair is eco-friendly is that firstly, for every chair that is sold, 75p is donated to the charity Climate Care. Not only this, but the chair is also 95% recyclable which means that only 5% will go to landfill if the chair is thrown away.

An Ecological Alternative image 2

These are just some of the products that Office Reality Ltd supply that are not only eco-friendly but are aesthetically pleasing as well. For more products like this then please take a look around our website.

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