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An Untidy Office Can Lead to a Loss in Profits

February 10th 2012

An article recently published in the Telegraph claims that top executives in a company waste up to 6 weeks a year looking for lost items or paper. Not only this but experts say that untidiness within the office can also seriously reduce a staffs motivation and decrease their productivity.

Not only this, but having a cluttered office that is full of scattered box files and redundant furniture is a real deterrent for potential clients as a good impression for a client coming into the office is key. Research shows that by simply tidying and reorganising your office desk and arranging your office furniture in a more efficient way including reorganising storage, can save office space and raise productivity levels by up to 30%.

Not only this, it can reduce stress levels in an office and save valuable time and money. The National Association of Professional Organisers said conducted a recent study that concluded that a huge 91% of office workers felt they could be more efficient at work if they were better organised. Here are some useful tips in how to make your office more organised, and therefore a more efficient place to work. The first one is simple, try and incorporate a clear desk policy within the office. This can help get employees into a routine of tidying away their work and keeping their office desk tidy. Office furniture manufacturers are really pushing for their office desks, pedestals and office storage such as tambour cupboards to have optimum storage facilities. Another tip is for employers to divide their office into functional zones which are able to maximise the space available. Another problem that NAPO have revealed is that staff get increasingly frustrated with not have any space to keep their personal items such as jackets and lunch boxes etc... Therefore it is advised that you invest in office accessories such as coat stands and pedestals to help staff organise personal belongings.

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