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Antibacterial office furniture

General information May 27th 2020
Antibacterial office furniture

Antibacterial office furniture is increasingly popular. The pre-treated and easy clean surfaces reduce the risk of germs passing between colleagues, visitors and patients.

In many offices and workplaces, furniture is used by lots of different people every day. Contact with surfaces can result in bacteria and viruses being transmitted from one person to another.

Here at Office Reality we supply antibacterial sneeze screens , header screens, stacking chairs, and side chairs which are just four of our antibacterial products. You can see our complete range here.

These products are Ideal for busy offices, conference suites, hospitals, medical centres, leisure facilities, and care homes, the seating upholstery is treated with a long-lasting antibacterial additive which provides harmful bacteria and germs and is also resistant to mould and odours.

The term "antibacterial" is heavily regulated. Fabrics marketed as "antibacterial" must meet rigorous criteria as well as being both non-toxic to the consumer and to the environment. They must demonstrate this compliance with government specifications through approved third-party testing.

Is antibacterial office furniture effective against coronavirus?

So far, some tests on antibacterial fabrics, coverings and upholstery have shown promising results in killing coronavirus.

Scientists, laboratories and testing facilities around the globe are racing to find not only a vaccine for coronavirus but also treatments and methods of preventing the spread. This is a fast-moving environment and we can expect to see much more information being released in the coming months.

While we know the antibacterial products listed above are effective against a wide range of nasties, it’s still prudent to implement effective cleaning and infection control procedures as you normally would to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Clean, wipe down and sanitise surfaces while wearing appropriate PPE. Oh, and wash your hands!

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