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Apple’s New futuristic $5 billion spaceship campus

General information March 2nd 2018
Apple's New futuristic $5 billion spaceship campus

Think your office is the height of extravagance? Wait until you see the futuristic “spaceship campus” Apple employees are set to call home.

Staff have begun the move into the all-new Apple Park in California, which features over 9,000 trees and is home to its very own orchard. The campus was the brainchild of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who envisioned the sustainable workplace design just months before his passing in 2011. It will eventually house 12,000 employees in a large ring-shaped campus designed to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

The office of the future - Leaked behind-the-scenes images reveal enormous glass walls, two miles of running track, a meadow, orchard and internal grounds which are home to thousands of trees. Although Apple Park is still under heavy development, some parts of the tech giant’s new headquarters are now being used by staff – which has been nicknamed the “spaceship campus” on account of its futuristic, ground-breaking design.

Regal feel - Much of the new building has been kept away from prying eyes as a result of heavy plant machinery, scaffolding and protective equipment blocking any reasonable view. But as construction draws to a close, much of the building materials and building equipment has been removed, allowing employees to share photographs of their new workplace on social media for all to see.

The entrance to the campus has been described as having a grandiose, “regal” feel to it, with bold, straight steps finished in Apple’s familiar brilliant white colour leading up to breath-taking curved interior windows, which are designed to allow natural light to enter the entirety of the doughnut-shaped campus.

Temporary occupancy permits - Apple received temporary permits to occupy five of the site’s twelve sections before the end of last year, with the remaining permits expected to be signed off by the end of March 2018, at which point the majority of employees will relocate into what has been described as an incredible mixture of nature and futuristic urbanity.

Apple Park: the key features - In addition to 9,000 trees, Apple’s spaceship campus has:

• More than one thousand bikes on site at all times, free for staff to use
• A 1,000-seater auditorium
• 300,000 square feet of research space
• Underground parking which is hidden from view
• Natural gas power, privately sourced
• Eco-friendly natural ventilation
• Low-energy LED for spaces natural light does not reach
• On-site recycling

The auditorium, named the Steve Jobs Theater, is situated on the top of a hill and will be utilised for staff and guests to unveil new Apple products and deliver keynote speeches.

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