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Are You Attached to Your Desk? It May be Time to Let Go…

October 17th 2012

Technology has become more and more a part of our daily lives for some time now. It has affected the way that we interact with friends, the way that we shop and even the way that we choose to work. Now with the internet and Wi-Fi being available in most public places, employees can now do their work from home, in a cafe, in fact almost anywhere with Wi-Fi.

This means that the act of having to commute to one building and sitting at the same office desk and on the same swivel chair will soon become a thing of the past. In Australia, workplace experts have predicted that in 5 years time, an increasing number of Australian office workers will embrace a more desk free working environment. They feel that the next step after the use of hot desks is a system that can allow employees to sit at a different office desk every day, sometimes even more than one desk each day, and use their laptops.

This new system that has been predicted by experts has been designed to do away with personalised desking and create an area of desks that every employee can use by just plugging in their laptop. Not only this but this predicted "activity-based" workplaces also allow their employees to stay work from home. Unfortunately, this way of thinking does not seem to work with all office based companies. This method of working should be slowly integrated into the work place, not just applied quickly as people in general are resistant to change and could seriously affect the morale and or productivity of an workplace. These are all just ideas of how an office will work, only time will tell if this is to be realised.

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