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Are you sitting comfortably?

Seating June 28th 2017
Are you sitting comfortably?

Many professions demand that we spend 8 or more hours a day sitting in front of a computer with limited movement. This can lead to a number of negative health issues in the long term, one of which is often a bad back.

Spinal issues can occur when you spend long periods of time in a computer chair that does not have adequate back support. This puts stress on your lower back which intensifies over time. This can be especially bad if you sit with bad posture and put even more stress on the lower back area. The long term result of poor back support can range between anything from a temporarily sore back, right through to more debilitating conditions including lumbosacral disk hyperextension, scoliosis and other more permanent back issues.

Not only does this usually result in pain, the uncomfortable feeling can also start to affect your work and mood. When we feel uncomfortable, we find it harder to focus on things and as a result, our productivity starts to fall rapidly. This can have obvious repercussions in the workplace, especially if you work in a performance critical industry with targets and objectives to achieve. As an employer, this can be equally as distressing as it can start to affect multiple employees and affect the profits and output of the company.

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Chairs with good back and lumbar support can go a long way to ensuring that this isn't an issue. It can help to ensure that yours or your workforce's backs stay strong and healthy, which can reduce time spent off with ill health and go a long way towards maximising productivity. As is the case with most things, prevention is much easier than the cure. Starting early with a computer chair that has good back support is much better than waiting for something to go wrong and dealing with it when it's too late.

A damaged spine is incredibly hard to repair surgically, and it can have a real negative effect on the quality of a person's future life. Ensure that you or your workforce has the proper back support they require.

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