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Are You Sure You’re Sitting Comfortably?

May 30th 2012

Millions of office workers across the globe but particularly in cities are suffering and are at risk of fatal diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, obesity, to name but a few. The reason for this is mainly due to our lifestyle choices and the way that we work. Humans are not "designed" or have not evolved to sit still all day, we are designed to move. An office worker in Britain works on average around 8-9 hours a day. It is not the time just in the office sitting on their office chair though that is causing these problems.

Normally a worker will drive to and from work and also sit and watch TV for an extended length of time which can double the risk of a blood clot according to a recent study by Lifeblood. It is not just your position that can affect your amount of pain. Scientists at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research suggested that whether or not you enjoy your job can make a difference to your body indicating that you were more likely to suffer from problems such as back pain if you did not like your job. Dr Rishi Loatey from the British Chiropractic Association said that around 80% of British people will suffer from some form of back pain in their lives, however not all of these will be because they are sitting for prolonged periods at their office desk or on their office chair. Having said this a large proportion of these people will have a sedentary office-type job.

If you look at most people's lifestyle these days, it's get up, drive or take the train to work, sit at work, take the train or drive back home again and sit at home. 'A lot of people don't even leave their desk at lunchtime. So we're not getting up and walking about, which is important and what we're designed to do but we're spending the time just sitting. Our bodies aren't designed for that.

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