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As far as the eye can see: top five office views

General information November 29th 2017
As far as the eye can see: top five office views

We can often find ourselves spending a lot of time in an office environment. Whilst this can be stressful and demanding, there are some offices in the world that find themselves in stunning locations that allow you to relax, ponder and appreciate. Soaring office views allow you to woo prospective clients, lord over a sky-high kingdom and to feel pretty great about your station in life. Below we've sourced out the top five offices with the best views.

LinkedIn in San Francisco - San Francisco is a beautiful and vibrant city that is home to the LinkedIn headquarters. Not only do the offices emit a cosy yet modern vibe with its open office floor plan but they are brimming with natural light which is perfect for staying motivated during long hours. The surrounding views of San Francisco include a view of the Golden Gate Bridge meaning it's the perfect place to enjoy a coffee during business hours at workstations.

SapientNitro in Toronto - The interior design of these offices is particularly impressive with its reclaimed wood office furniture which gives off warming earth tones. However, what really sets it apart is the stunning view of Toronto, Canada, that leaves a lasting impression on you.

The Steward Building, London - London is full of many wonderful and iconic views, so often high-rise buildings will find the opportunity for a great view. However, one building that is really spoilt for views is the Steward Building. Its office space is arranged over six upper floors and the office interiors are finished to the highest standard with contemporary office furniture and meeting rooms, plus an open terrace located on the upper floors which offer breathtaking views over the streets below. You can also spot The Gherkin building raised above all others in the background.

Confidential Client in New York - New York is a business hub and you often find skyscrapers overlooking other tall buildings; however, there is a wonderful exception and it comes in the form of Confidential Client in New York. You are spoilt with a combination of views of high-rise buildings and a soaring view of Central Park in all its glory. This is certainly a view that will provide inspiration when it's most needed and a space to relax when it's time to unwind.

Marina Bay, Singapore - With state-of-the-art office space, the Marina Bay has lots to offer, including its spectacular view of Singapore. Overlooking the stunning Marina Bay area, you're in for a treat if you get the chance to see a firework display whilst working late or relax whilst gazing over the metallic skyscrapers that reflect an array of colours.

We hope you aren't experiencing too much office view envy, but for ways to update your office chairs, office furniture and space in general, get in touch with us today.

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