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Body Language In The Workplace

General July 16th 2014

Communication is said to be 20% verbal and 80% non-verbal. If you say something to a person but your body language says the opposite then you will not effectively get your message across

Drawing on my own experiences during my working life, I thought I’d take a look into body language at work. Everyone uses body language throughout their working day and I for one didn't take too much notice, until I read into the expressions and what they meant.

I wanted to write this blog today so you can gain an understanding of the type of person I am. I could quite easily put a picture of myself on each of the blogs I write, however I feel this is far more fun and interesting.

When I arrive in the mornings, I’ll converse with my colleagues about the previous evening, my arms are folded in a somewhat defensive manner. My day is spent mostly in an office chair, to be honest my posture isn’t great, it’s more of a slump, suggesting that I have a lack of energy (this is not the case at all). Saying that, I’m bolt upright whilst putting together this blog, implying I have an air of confidence and authority about me. I much prefer the later of that paragraph and I have decided that commencing now I will maintain an upright posture, holding my head high and keeping my shoulders back. Whilst writing this blog I’ve found myself rubbing my hands together (this usually means I’ll be receiving some money however sadly not on this occasion). This signifies anticipation. What could I be anticipating I wonder? Perhaps positive feedback on the current blog. If this goes in the other direction and I receive negative feedback I may be seen in the office walking with my hands in my pockets, shoulders hunched and feeling dejected.

I suddenly find myself studying my colleagues and their body language which is highly interesting. As your reading this, take a look around your workplace and see if any of your colleagues are currently signalling their feelings through their body language. Below are a few examples to look out for:

  • Tapping fingers (Impatience)
  • Pulling or tugging at ear (Indecision)
  • Hand to cheek (Evaluation, thinking)

As I wrap up the blog today, I sit with my hands behind head, legs crossed (confidence, superiority)

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