“Boss it’s sunny, can I work outside?”

With the summer fast approaching, I thought I’d write a little piece on maybe, just maybe, taking the office outside on the hot summer days. Professional? NO. Practical? NO. Good for morale, sun tan and general happiness? YES YES YES. So throughout this blog I’m going to look at the positives… OBVIOUSLY!

Many people that work in offices in this day and age have laptops or an IPad.  If all the software is installed and you can access all your work wirelessly then problem solved.  With Wi-Fi now located everywhere on the planet, it could even be possible to take your work to the beach.  I’m sure the ice cream van will have Wi-Fi, just be sure to ask nicely.

Take yourself away from the normal office furniture you are now so accustomed to.  The office desk will be replaced with your lap.  The same four walls within the office replaced with the sun, sea and sand backdrop.  OK, maybe I may be pushing it with the beach idea but we can all but hope can’t we?

Outside the office is enough for me, even if it’s in the company car park.  So the next obstacle to overcome is the phones.  Most phone systems nowadays have a setting where you can transfer your phone calls through to your mobile.  2 Obstacles down 98 to go.


This is a rallying call to all of you stuck in an office during the summer, ask your boss if you can wheel your office chair outside, fire up the laptop, transfer calls to your mobile and slap on some factor 8 sun cream (30 if you burn easily) because you want to enjoy the sunshine too.   

My boss will be reading this thinking you haven’t got a hope of this ever coming to fruition.  To be honest I can’t really blame him but it’s worth a try and I can always dream.

For those of you brave enough or stupid enough please let me know the reaction you receive.  I may have written this blog but will I be chancing my arm at the above? Definitely Not! 

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