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Bouncing Into Christmas

Design, General December 22nd 2015

It is the most wonderful time of the year, I know… where has the time gone…? The festive feeling is taking over here at Office Reality, the tree is currently lighting up the lobby and the team is looking forward to their visit from Santa! (all thinking they have been good this year).

Our Christmas tree, however, does not contain the fantastic new design of baubles, created by the British designer Sebastian Bergne. This talented artist has been inspired by the all-time favourite toy, the bouncy ball, to create a fantastic decoration. The baubles, all with a 4cm diameter span, are available in mixed and solid colours and minimal brass circles are set into the top. A playful twist on a traditional ornament.

Bouncing Into Christmas image 1

The “marble effect” that is created through mixing colours, emphasise the originality that these decorations create. In addition to looking great, they are the same childhood toy, so they are less fragile. We all remember breaking everything else in the house rather than the toy itself!

Bouncing Into Christmas image 2

“The accidental colour mixes mean that no two decorations are the same”

The baubles almost look like planets. Who wouldn’t want to have a Christmas tree that looks like it has it’s own solar system? A Sci-Fi tree with decorations that can’t be smashed when your pets decide to play with them or brush past. It’s like a Christmas miracle!

Sebastian Bergne has repurposed children’s rubber bouncing balls to make a light hearted and uniquely festive object”

Bouncing Into Christmas image 3

These beautiful, one of a kind, playful baubles are all available for purchase on Sebastian Bergne’s online shop. I am going to have to purchase a few of these for next year! Love the thought of having a futuristic tree for visitors to be greeted with. Although I will have to tell the little elves, sorry, colleagues, not to throw them round the office! I know what they are like…

Bouncing Into Christmas image 4

And on that note, the team at Office Reality would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a blissful New Year! Hopefully we will hear from you in 2016…!

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