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Break out office furniture

November 2nd 2008

Break Out Spaces The need to incorporate break out areas into office space designs started in earnest around 10 years ago. Long gone was the conventional office canteens selling subsidised meals at prescribed times with office workers taking their lunch in shifts A move to lighter, snack lunches, flexible lunchtime and break arrangements and vending machines all lead to the provision of food and drink closer to hand on the same office floor. Notwithstanding the growth of call centres and the need to allow staff a refuge from high pressure environments. Leading the way with contemporary ideas for break out spaces was Orange box with Point mobile tub chairs and spur office seating. Designers tended to work with three floor zones, a soft seating area with tub seating and sofas for coffee breaks and ad hoc internal meetings, and bistro table and chair area for eating food and a bar stool and poseur table are for quick snacks. The growth of break out spaces in the office lead to the creation of Café Reality with has now become one of the leading suppliers of furniture to the Leisure industry. Please contact us if you are looking for break out office furniture

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