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Breakout Furniture and Seating Areas

General July 28th 2014

Breakout seating areas are becoming more and more popular throughout workplaces across the UK. A well designed communal breakout area will not only increase morale, it will bring an upturn in staff interaction and team building, providing the perfect space to break away from the working day.

When planning a new breakout seating area, there is some essential criteria you may want to adhere to. Location is a key aspect, think about noise levels that surround the area. A bright colour scheme is great staff mood lifter. If you are looking to provide an area that will inspire your team, you can reflect this with funky modern furniture with vibrant and wacky colours and finishes. If your team require a more relaxing and tranquil area away from their desks, think about neutral colours and relaxing comfy seating. Remember to keep it simple, don’t overdo it on the furniture. Staff will not congregate in an area if it isn’t comfortable and well presented. Comfortable soft seating and coffee tables is all you need to create an inviting breakout area. It will become a social hub for staff and will also provide an area suitable for informal meetings.

If you stick to the above you will not go far wrong. Once your breakout area is complete, make sure you let your staff know what it’s there for. Encourage your new inspiring zone to the team to maximise its potential.

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