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Cardboard Desks for Students

December 20th 2011

The state of the environment is becoming an ever more important topic of conversation among manufacturing industries including the office furniture industry. Companies and factories are being forced to come up with products that are not only recyclable but also made from recycled materials.

Not only this but the actual manufacturing of the furniture has to have a very small carbon footprint which when you include transport on as well this can be quite a hard task. There are office chairs and office desks out there that are made from recycled materials and are very recyclable however very few manage to hit each target. Two Toronto based university graduates appear to have come up with a solution to this, which is primarily aimed at the student market. They have designed and manufactured what can only be described as a cardboard desk that is made from 95% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

While at University Geoff Christou, became aware of this problem and wanted to know if he could come up with a selection of cheap office furniture that was environmentally friendly. He also wanted it to be lightweight to cope with students having to constantly move rooms between terms. The answer was cardboard and he set out to try and achieve this goal. The desk itself costs $19.99 and is delivered flat packed through the post or by courier. The desk is easily put together with simple instructions and can be easily removed or thrown away when the desk has out lived it's requirements.

You may be thinking that what happens it this desk gets wet? Well that has already been thought of as this unusual desk has been coated in a water resistant glue that laminates the cardboard to avoid the desk becoming soggy. It appers that since the company began they have sold 100 units online and seem to have interest from other office furniture dealers and distributors. They are currently arranging for the product to be sold in Mexico and Brazil in early 2012.

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