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October 8th 2008

Colour trends Worldwide research by colour experts has shown that colour can be up to 80% of the reason why people buy and so spotting trends for new colours is very much a part of an office furniture manufactures marketing plan. We have seen the emergence of white, black and wenge on to desk tops and also a resurrection of a slightly limed light oak finish from Europe. Colour trends are affected by changes in the environment and the economy; they reflect the moods of populations. More pragmatic considerations arise such as reduction in the in the amount of dye used in colour for environmental reasons. It is generally thought that this will create a more vintage look. New colours are first seen in the cosmetic industry, followed by the fashion and textile industries. Due to long production cycles the automobile industry is at the bottom however due to larger marketing budgets and research cars are often advertised in emerging colours before anything else. The office furniture industry is not always at the cutting edge when is comes to colour and certainly in the UK more thought has been given to function and ergonomics. It is also regarded that pastel colours emerge during an economic downturn and brighter colours dominate during a boom, all there is that can be certain is that a change is on the way Paul Office furniture Design

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