Combating the Problems of Elongating Office Hours

It is no surprise that with office working hours on the up, so are the amount of medical problems that employees are experiencing. This being the case, the issue that needs to be addressed is the operator chairs being used. If you can imagine that nowadays people who work in offices are expected to be at their desk for approximately 8 - 10 hours a day.

A recent survey by Deskbound uncovered that 60% of the workforce in Britain work more than their contracted hours at their desk. Of these people 36% suffer from bad posture and a further 56% suffer from backache. A further study revealed that long hours working on office chairs at office desks can cause similar symptoms than that of long distance flying, leading to risks of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. Looking at these statistics, it is clear that changes need to be made as within the same survey it was discovered that only 36% of companies provide suitable and comfortable chairs for their employees.

There are two simple solutions to these problems, the first being obvious, that staff should take short breaks from their workstations to exercise their legs. The second being that more money should be invested into providing adequate ergonomic chairs that are capable of supporting the user for long periods of time giving them a good posture and ensuring that they are comfortable. Lumbar support options are beginning to come as standard on office chairs and osteopaths are urging companies to look into more ergonomically designed chairs for their staff instead of cutting costs by buying a cheap chair. Office Reality provide a huge range of ergonomically designed chairs ranging from 24 hour chairs, suitable for 24 hour use, to back care and orthopaedic chairs

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