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Cool millennial workspaces

General, General information February 20th 2018
Cool millennial workspaces

Do you go to work every day, look around and feel depressed? Well, we don’t blame you. Everyone gets fed up with bland offices and dull workplaces. These days, millennials are far less likely to accept boring workspaces and want something a bit different. Employees are far more likely to want to stay in an office that’s interesting and will put in a lot more effort if they have a great environment to work in. Here are some examples of cool millennial workplaces around the globe. Maybe take some inspiration for your next office redesign?

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Who wouldn’t want to work in a place where Mars Rovers carry messages about to test their functions? It’s better than a traditional pigeonhole! Real zoos might not be practical for even an untraditional office space, but NASA’s IT zoo lets their employees play around with new inventions and pieces of tech that isn’t available to the general public yet. Also available are onsite coffee shops, museums and virtual reality headsets to let employees do their work from a virtual beach or forest.

Inventionland - Inventionland in Pittsburgh is a company that does exactly that, come up with new inventions, and their offices are suitably spectacular. The crowning glory of the place is a giant pirate ship surrounded by a moat that you can work from, caves with Wi-Fi capabilities, and a racetrack where you can race model cars, a castle and numerous other fabulous settings. If we worked here, we would never leave!

Facebook - The Facebook offices are as you would expect, innovative, modern and interesting. There’s giant slides and firemen’s poles between floors, chill-out areas full of bean bags, and games rooms. The offices are covered in wall murals instead of boring grey panels, sure to brighten up all employees’ days and make them work better and harder. That’s not to mention the award-winning dining room, where all employees eat for free!

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