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Creating a Multifunctional Training Environment

April 16th 2015

Training facilities across the country are beginning to reap the benefits of the quick transformation that folding furniture provides. No longer does one room have to be designated to meetings and another elected for exams. Instead of a small sign on the door reading ‘Boardroom 1’ they now should read ‘Whatever you like’.

We work/learn in an era where versatility is key and, if implemented correctly, folding tables and chairs will not only provide the flexibility needed within that given environment, it will also save money due to the space saving resolution it provides. “But the outlay is going to cost money in the first place” I hear you sigh. Maybe... but one thing I’ve learnt during my short career in the office furniture industry is to think of the bigger picture. Think of the benefits that this overhaul will bring. No longer will 10 large rooms be needed for conferences, training days and seminars. Arguably, you’ll only need 3-4 rooms depending on the schedule of your calendar. Think about the space you have at your disposal and the best practices in order to utilise it.

Many people I speak to on a daily basis like to have a designated room for this and a designated room for that. Each to their own, folding furniture isn’t a solution for everyone and doesn’t always coincide with every working environment. However, in the majority of cases I have encountered, folding furniture provides the perfect multifunctional solution.

Things to think about...

Selecting the right tables and chairs for the given room requires an understanding of how the room will be utilised. If the room is going to be used for multiple purposes, the style of table or chair should fit that need. If the room is going to be for training, then the traditional rectangular tables may be more ideal. With the introduction of half-moon and trapezoidal folding tables, the standard rectangular shape used for training/exams are not only fit for that single purpose anymore. The designs mentioned above increase flexibility in abundance. For example: your facilities may mean that your conference room also doubles as a training room. Flip Top and foldaway tables prove idyllic for you if your meeting room will be a multipurpose room used for conferences, office parties, seminars – a flexibility that standard workstations just DO NOT possess. A training room within a matter of minutes can be transformed into a conference room. Stack the budget seating and roll in the leather executive chairs.

Every training environment has to be comfortable and have plenty of room for seating. Depending on the nature of the event, conference or class held, your training room should be planned with the course requirements in mind. It’s fundamental that the training facility is designed correctly. He/she who sits and takes an exam in that area potentially has everything riding on the next couple of hours.

Let me leave you with a scenario - You have a potentially profitable meeting where a projector is needed. You have 12 attendees due at the meeting and you have a meeting table which sits 12 people. You think to yourself "we have enough chairs to seat everyone which is great". MISTAKEN!! You may have the whole shebang in terms of furniture and space, but what about the people with their back to the projector? Do you expect them to make notes on their lap whilst juggling their pens and water, it doesn’t really give the right impression now does it?

Shape your furniture around your requirements don’t let the furniture shape you!!

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