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Creating Your Stylish Home Office

So I am in the process of renovating my spare room into a home office as I found that I just wasn’t being very productive working on the sofa whist the wife watches soaps. Even though I say I don’t like any of them I still find myself watching them as oppose to doing the work at hand.  I believe the word is procrastinating!  By the time I realise that I have achieved nothing workwise, it’s time for bed.

After reading up on building a space for a home office, it seemed like the only justifiable solution was to crack on and reinvent the spare room.  A quiet space which allows me to get away from EastEnders and Coronation Street was just the ticket to achieving at work.   I am now able to put some music on and focus on the work that needs to be done.   My new home office gives me the perfect retreat when I have a lot of work on.  It’s estimated that 1 in 8 people work from home on a full or part time basis and for me it has now been made possible with my new home office.  So if you have a spare room or any wasted space at home, this article may be able to provide you with some advice to turn it into a working environment.  

First things first, it was essential I had a checklist of the practical things I needed to enable me to do my job away from work.  I started with the office furniture and decided that I simply could not work without an office desk, office chair and storage.  My intention was to only spend a couple of hours of an evening in my home office, however if you are thinking of working from home full time then you will need to ensure you create a suitable and relaxed working environment to enable you to do this.  Ensure you have a comfortable chair, a decent sized workspace and no other distractions in the office such as a T.V.  Paint the walls in a neutral colour to provide a calming ambiance and add a plant or two to maintain the carbon dioxide and oxygen level which will decrease that drowsy work feeling.  Finally, add a few motivational pictures to the walls and you have a perfect home working environment.  You can thank me later on the huge car fuel savings.

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