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Debating the Organised Office

September 11th 2012

Whether you are single, live by yourself and do not have to share your home office or whether you have to share your home office with your family, having an organised work area and desk can be very important. By keeping an unorganised desk, you will lose time and money constantly having to look for things that are not in the proper place, not to mention the frustration that it will cause you barely being able to move your office chair.

This can also lead to missed deadlines, unpaid bills etc... This could cause you real problems. Something else to consider is that what happens if you become ill? This may not be such a large concern in a home office but what about at a place of work?
If your office desk is disorganised then how will people find much needed documents and files. This is when you need to think beyond your working life and think about the effect that your disorganisation is having on the rest of your colleagues and the business.

There are many excuses that people give to try and argue their case for having a disorganised office desk, for example "It is an organised mess and I know where everything is". Regardless of whether you do or you don't, in many offices you are not the only person that needs to find things, so in order to not waste their time as well, you should really think about keeping an organised workspace.

Finally try to make sure that the furniture around the office has been moved for better functionality. Having office furniture that is organised is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can save time and help your office to run more efficiently and smoothly through the day to day runnings.

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