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Design Tips No.1

November 30th 2008

Design tips Introducing colour for very little or no cost. Colour in the workplace can have a stimulating effect, just by brightening the workspace and increasing its identity can have the effect of increasing staff morale and giving them a sense of belonging. Vertical surfaces should be given the most consideration since these will be seen more. In terms of the office furniture the backs of the office chairs can be used to great effect, most office chairs can be specified with an alternative fabric on the back of the chair to the seat. Given that the back will receive less wear it is sometimes useful to have the seat in black and the back in a brighter colour.

In addition office chairs that have upholstered backs with give a greater opportunity to introduce colour than the black plastic back chairs. Office screens provide another chance to introduce colour. We would recommend colours from the Lucia range of screens fabrics which have corresponding colours in the Xtreme range for office seating. Pedestal and cupboard drawer fronts are another possibility, the Kompass range of cupboards offers doors in a variety of wood finishes as well as blue and yellow. PLease contact us for further information

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