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When you think of office furniture, I am sure you'll agree that one of the last materials you would think of to construct it from. There is a company however that has taken cardboard from its humble beginnings 150 years ago, when it was used for packaging and protection to its now ever increasing popularity in the world of furniture. The company in question is Cardboard Future and not only have they made this concept a reality, but they actually have ranges.

Not only do the ranges contain office furniture, but they actually claim to be designer office furniture. This type of furniture is not only suitable for office and professional environments, but also for the domestic market as well. The furniture itself is made completely from corrugated cardboard that is reinforced as well as being incredibly light and very durable at a low price. The range of furniture started with a simple paperweight desk and due to the popularity, the range was formed with the company investing time and money into creating such products as office storage, pedestals bookshelves, beds in various shapes and sizes.

Cardboard Future uses a special form of cardboard as basic reinforced cardboard just simply wouldn't work and that is not even taking into account the European standards for sustainability and strength. The cardboard used to make this sort of furniture is strong fibres from 74% recycled paperboard that makes the cardboard Grade A. The rest of the cardboard is taken from virgin wood fibres that have been certified by the UK and Europe as being a sustainable raw material. This means that the cardboard used is very eco-friendly. After construction, the board is then die-cut (a process that shears the board using dies) using the factory's innovative equipment and then varnished with water based glues. This last process is to provide even more strength to the cardboard. Once this has been done, the board is then cut into shape, slotted together and ready to use for its intended purpose.

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