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Designing and implementing a more sociable environment is an investment

July 12th 2010

This new radical study released by the company Steelcase Inc, based in Chicago provides evidence that by investing in high end and hitech furniture such as office chairs and desks, can create a more efficient and relaxed environment for employees in particular the younger generations.

The study was carried out across company offices in India, China and the US, which all showed completely different environments to work in however the basic principles were the same, concluding that more money should be invested in office design. One of the most immediate questions that spring to mind is how to make an office more attractive in terms of its design. Firstly making an environment where employees can connect with their peers and colleagues is crucial.

This is how they can grow from each other and evolve not just within work, but socially as well. On the other end of the spectrum is privacy. There are two types of privacy, one for confidential matters such as a superior consulting a subordinate. For this they would need a separate space, and the other is perceived privacy. In an open plan office, if you put people in cubicles, they can tend to become miserable as they are all alone and there is no chance for social interaction. This coupled with new technology can make a workspace more attractive in particular for the youth of today.

Another great tip is to incorporate colour schemes. Instead of having 100 workspaces the same, having different coloured desks and lighting can create an identity for the different departments in an office. One of the biggest factors however in an office that can create a relaxed and more appealing environment is the personalisation of workspaces. In India it is common for workers to bring in personal belongings such as lunchboxes, bags, umbrellas etc... to have at their workstation, whereas In America they are encouraged to leave this in thir cars. Ideally an area close to the entrance of the office where workers can leave their belongings would be more suitable eliminating problem of cluttering their workstation as well as providing a social area within the office.

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