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Did Charles and Ray Eames just ‘step out for the day’?

General information March 12th 2020
Did Charles and Ray Eames just 'step out for the day'?
We know Charles and Ray Eames as leading arcitects of the 20th Century. The husband and wife team continue to be respected for creating design classics such as the Aluminium Chair Group, the DSR side chair, the Lounge Chair and Ottoman. To get a brief understanding of their creative process see the short video below.
It is fair to say that Charles and Ray Eames were at the top of their game during their lifetime, with their own home acting as an industrial feat. Now, years after the celebrated couple passed on, a plan has been put forward to preserve the property they lived in and give the illusion that the pair has ‘just stepped out for the day’.
Devised by the Eames Foundation and the Getty Conversation Trust, the project will see a team of engineers, architects, scientists and conservationists all working on the property located in the Pacific Palisades neighbourhood of Los Angeles. The end goal is to ensure that it’s maintained for many generations, with very little difference from how it looked when it was home to the Eames’.
The house, which upon its completion in 1949 was considered to be a great example of how homes could be built both efficiently and inexpensively in the post-war years, will see careful attention given to its exterior. There have already been investigations carried out to determine how Charles and Ray used paint to establish the colour of the property.
However, there will also be a large emphasis on the interior and matching the décor with how it was when enjoyed by the Eames’. This includes using office furniture, fabrics, art, shells and rocks. While this might not seem like an easy feat, the team behind this part of the scheme have photos at their disposal. These images have so far provided a strong idea of how the property evolved over the years.
The scheme, known as the 250 Year Project, aims to create the illusion that Charles and Ray have merely ‘stepped out’. Director Lucia Dewey Atwood explained: "We want the Eames House to look as though Charles and Ray just stepped out for the day, and working with the GCI has helped us clarify what the site needs in order to meet this goal.”
Dewey added that the final plan has only come together by analysing the complexities of the house – both its exterior and interior. She added: "I'm happy to say that our approach mirrored the iterative process the Eames’ used in their designing – they tested several ideas at once, refined and adjusted, then tested again in order to arrive at the best design solution.”
Feeling inspired? This project is yet further evidence that you can actually create a timeless space if you choose the right furniture.

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