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Does Shabby Chic Have any Place Within the Commercial Office?

Design, Executive, General, Industry News February 26th 2013

OK so for those that don’t know what this new trend of shabby chic is, I will explain briefly. The idea is that old furniture that is often damaged old and seemingly worthless is up cycled and given a fresh look and resold as something that has a more vintage look. Not only has this fashion trend become more and more popular in recent years, it has also become a great way
of recycling without having to go through expensive methods. Often with a distressed look, this type of furniture appeals to the more vintage orientated demographic.

With this in mind, most offices seem to be gearing towards a more modern office feel. With the increase in the advancement of technology and the emergence of giant companies such as Google and Facebook and their lavish luxurious offices, you can see why the trend is for offices to get increasingly more contemporary looking. So why would anyone want to use “Shabby-Chic” furniture in their office?

Not all offices will benefit from the contemporary office look and this is mainly due to their industry. For example the fashion industry thrives on keeping up with the latest trends and with the vast popularity increase of “Shabby-Chic” then surely if they wanted to get into this market, then their offices or place of work should reflect this.

With all this being said, I don’t think that we will see these up cycled desks in large open plan areas, purely because these types of furniture are nearly always one off pieces. I think that we will however see these within the executive offices, appearing in offices that are not only looking for a desk or storage unit that has a vintage feel, but also something that will be the focal point of the room and will give a good impression when meeting new potential clients.

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