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Eileen Grey

September 17th 2008

Eileen Grey (1878-1976) Eileen Grey was a reclusive Irish Architect and Designer, Within the world of furniture and office furniture she is most notable known for the Bibendum chair and the E1027 coffee table. The Bibendum chair was deigned as part of a four year interior design commission for a wealthy boutique owner in Paris. The chair was relatively large and the name was inspired by a character invented by Michelin to sell their tyres. The chrome plated steel tubing was an echo of work done by Marcel Breuer at the Bauhaus. Possibly was of her most successful projects was the work on house called E1027 near Monaco, encouraged by Le Corbusier she used her architectural skills and interior design talents. The end result impressed Le Corbusier so much that he built a summer house behind it The E1027 coffee table is used in reception areas and offices and following the success of a interior design article in 1968 The Bibendum chair and E1027 went into full production. Eileen became increasingly reclusive and died at the age of 98 in Paris. It was only after her death that her work was truly recognised. Please contact us for further information on the Bibendum office chair or E1027 table Paul Office furniture sales

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