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Feng Shui and the office desk

July 12th 2009

Here are some tips to Feng Shui your desk and perhaps give you more success at work. 1 Always position your desk so you can see the door. If you are in an office cubile or you sit facing the wall then use a mirror if this is possible. 2 Avoid clutter on the desk which is bad Feng Shui 3 Never put a wastepaper bin under the desk you are working at. 4 The centre of the desk represents your career, the colour associated with carrer is black and the element is water, a black blotter may be useful here 5 The Lower left hand side of the desk is associated with the past and is the best place for family photographs and mementos 6 The upper left hand corner is associated with wealth and prosperity, put an in box here to signify orders coming in . 7 The upper right hand corner is about partnerships this is a place for a photo of your significant other.......

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