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Ferrari Office Chair?

February 16th 2012

It is not often that we see car manufacturers delving into the office furniture world; however it is not a totally new thing. We have seen Aston Martin produce their take on executive furniture and looking at it you can see that they have done well. Now it is Ferrari's turn, and by all accounts I think that their ergonomic chair has proved to be a success. This office chair is offers supreme cushioning and comfort, this chair has been inspired by the seats that are in the F430 in Scuderia 16M and has an ergonomic shape and only 499 of these chairs have been made so they are extremely exclusive.

The chairs come in Black alacantara over a carbon fibre shell and the fabric comes in black and red leather. The headrest itself has an embroidered horse logo that is the symbol for Ferrari and is available in red thread and has openings in the headrest for shoulder racing belts. This office chair also has a back tilt that is available with a carbon fibre knob that is located in the left side of the seat. This chair does not come cheap.

To be honest it advised that to only buy if you are a real Ferrari fan as for $25,000 you can buy a half decent car! The reason for the expense is that the seat itself has been pulled from the car itself and as there were only 499 F430's ever made so that goes someway to explain the cars chairs rarity. The chair comes with its own unique metal base and frame with sculpted sports wheels that complete the look.

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