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Flexible meeting room arrangements

January 22nd 2009

Driven by the requirement for flexible multipurpose meeting rooms and spaces, there are a number of meeting table arrangements to suit these applications and budgets. Simple modular tables with 60mm diameter metal legs are possibly the most cost effective solution. A simple turn will secure the leg to the spigot and legs and tables can be stored very efficiently when not in use. Foldaway tables have the advantage of leaving the legs attached to the table which can be locked into position when in use or when stored away. This type of table can also be stored very efficiently. Both ranges can be used with table trolleys. The Harley Axis folding table has a higher specification and this four legged approach gives more stability than the foldaway table. Harley axis is available in 25m MFC finishes and 38mm veneer finishes and is often sold as a boardroom table. Harley Axis is has its own trolley for easy storage. Finally there are a number of flip top tables available. Flip top tables are easy to move and to store away and are ideal in situations where the room is frequently reconfigured, however they take up more space when stored away with the top down Please contact us for further information on our range of meeting tables.

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