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Food within the Office

August 24th 2012

A study carried out by the Co-op found that office workers in Britain put on weight in their first year whilst sitting at their office desk. One average, new employees put on an average weight of 4.5kg (10lb) during the first year. It comes as no surprise that most of these weight gainers blame their fellow colleagues providing them with fatty foods and treats.

Not only this, but the survey suggests that one in seven of the people asked said that the felt the pressure to eat the food that is being passed around so as not to seem rude. It is quite hard to resist food in general when it is being passed around and coupled with the fact that most office workers spend 90% of the day in their office chairs, sitting in front of their office desks means that it is becoming a problem. Office workers generally don't tend to leave their desks; they just stay in the same position on their office chair and stare at the computer screen.

It is almost certain then that office workers who practice this way of working are going to gain weight. Firstly it is important that you drink regularly but responsibly. For example, try and stay away from sugary and fattening drinks is an obvious one and try to drink decaffeinated or fruit juices. Also try and drink plenty of water as it will mean that you will not be craving sugary and unhealthy drinks as much. Make sure that you make an effort to move around and stretch every now and again, this will help to keep your body's metabolism going. There are plenty of exercises that you can do within the office, on your office chair and with other office furniture that will help you to keep the blood flowing around your body.

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