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“Forgetting” to Stand up?

January 16th 2012

Don't let the title fool you, as a working nation; it appears that we do not stand up as often as we should be doing. It is a simple enough activity to partake in our working lives; however recent study has proved that we are not standing up as much as we should be doing. By this I mean that we work to long at our office desks and do not take a break.

It seems that the most common form of communication within the office is email as opposed to simply face-to-face communication and if we carry on like this then it will be bad news for all of us. A recent study that has been carried out at the British Psycological Society Annual Occupational Conference, claims that people spend on average 5 hours and 41 minutes sat at their desk every single working day. During these times, it seems that office workers do not take regular breaks from their office chair to move around and increase the blood flow to their body.

The main problem is that we are an, "ageing" population that appears to be working later into to their lives; however we do not take into account our health when deciding to stay late at the office. The situation is that we do not think about our bodies and health when we decide to either work late or take longer hours. The survey was undertaken with more than 1000 people from a variety of jobs including retail and telecommunications. It seems that sitting at your office desk on your swivel chair for hours a day has a link to your weight, surprise surprise. What we need to do is to come up with a way of reminding people to get up and walk around. Unfortunately the only reminder we have so far is a post-it note on the computer screen. The advice is, from the experts, is to talk to colleagues face to face, rather than email.

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