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Frank Lloyd Wright

October 31st 2008

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) A prolific American Designer and Architect with over 500 completed projects who worked on many office and public buildings across the US and in 1991 was recognised as the greatest American Architect ever by his peers. Born in Wisconsin his father was a minister, lawyer and school teacher who married into a wealthy family the Lloyd Jones’s who emanated from Wales. His parents separated when Frank was 14, a few years later Frank left for Chicago and worked for a number of architectural practices. He married his first wife in 1889, Kitty the daughter of wealthy business man. 1890 saw Frank working on domestic design work and accepting private work outside his normal work many of these were homes around his local area and still stand today. In 1902 he designed his first office building for the Larkin Soap Company near Buffalo. In 1909 Frank eloped to Europe with the wife on one of his wealthy clients and returned to the US in 1912. Frank’s influence on office space is the open plan concept which he took from the Prairie style houses he designed into the commercial office environment. T the Johnsons wax headquarters he designed his famous writing desk which is on exhibition at the Museum of modern Art in New York. Frank also designed many other types of office furniture which he saw as an integral part of the buildings he designed.

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