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Rent & Rotate Office Art?

General information September 17th 2018
Rent & Rotate Office Art?

Never underestimate the power of art in the office. Employees who work in visually rich environments are healthier, happier and more productive than those who work in a lean and stripped back office. But if your budget won't stretch to a Banksy or you just like to change up your office decor on a regular basis, Ginger White's rent and rotate office art rental service is the perfect way to put together an inspiring and creative office environment.

Enrich the environment - Who needs dull walls? Ginger White believe that art belongs everywhere and will curate a wall of contemporary photographs or high-quality artworks that reflect your business' values and personality. Research shows that employees working in an environment enriched by artworks upped their productivity by around 17% - but that climbs to 34% when you let your employees have a say in the art on their walls with the Ginger White staff voting tool.

First impressions count - Adding art to plain walls is a savvy way to add a pop of fun and colour to your office decor - and it might surprise you to know that men value art more than women as the most important part of office design. Art creates a great first impression, putting your clients at ease and making them feel comfortable in your office. You can even use your artworks as useful landmarks to make your space uniquely memorable.

A new way to communicate - Using art in the office can communicate new messages about your brand identity. By projecting an aesthetic that reflects what your business is about you can tell your story while creating a feeling of comfort and quality. Want to generate a reputation for being unconventional? Reflect that in your choice of artworks. Art is a great way to send non-verbal cues about your work practices and your outlook and can have a big impact on the way your clients perceive your business. Keep it subtle and simple or bold and inspiring - Ginger White can curate artwork that reflects and enhances any business.

Art is cool - Art is effortlessly hip and it's a smart, straightforward way to create a cool aesthetic for your business. Ginger White's unique rent and rotate scheme lets you change up your workspace every 6, 12 or 24 months as you choose. It's a tax efficient, cost flow friendly and positive way to create and refresh an office aesthetic that can motivate, inspire and place your head and shoulders above the crowd.

Storagewall Art - Applying graphics to storage can also be a cool way to communicate a message about brand identity or add interest to an otherwise silent interior design scheme. Here at Office Reality we simply applied a goldfish themed graphic to a five-meter span of storagewall (pictured above) which can easily be replaced if ever we ever get the urge to do so.

If you would like further information on bespoke storagewall or artwork solutions then give us a call today.

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